Things we like:


College Roomies from Hell – a comic strip

Girl Genius – another comic strip

Questionable Content – gee, it’s another comic strip

Sluggy – it’s a toaster! no, it’s a comic strip

XKCD – webcomics are good

Artsy stuff

Colour – colo(u)rs and patterns; the blog articles are especially interesting

Kuler – importable colors are good

Pixlr – online photo editor, with similar capabilities to Photoshop

Wet Canvas – a hella lot of watercolor advice; intimidating to wade through, but good when you’re feeling brave

Reading stuff

Kira – a way with words and humor

Joshilyn Jackson – light-hearted blog; fair warning that the books aren’t

Mil Millington – a dab hand at stringing words together; further proof can be found in his novels, and at The Weekly

Neil Gaiman – exactly the right way to while away 15 minutes

What was that book? – Livejournal wants to help you remember things you’ve forgotten


Movie Spoiler – better than viewing movies, in the case of most movies

Stuart Elliott – advertising maven for the NYT

Thrillist – they write like a glossy supermarket magazine; their links encourage you to spend, spend, spend