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#59. Santa delivers to Dinesh this Christmas.

#58. Plus, Sky and Sydney are giving TaterTot unlimited ornaments to swat. It’s Christmas for everyone!

#57. Kate’s honesty is refreshing. Ultimately selfish, but still refreshing!

#56. Lawyers play a professional game of telephone. “He said that she said that they think that we should.” Better than the social version, because lawyers get paid.

#55. Kate’s stream of consciousness is Niagara Falls.

#54. Lawyers: a society of blood-sucking freaks of nature. But without the glamour or aversion to garlic.

#53. Dinesh gives new meaning to the legal strategy of outtalking your opponent.

#52. Dinesh’s advice is similar to the Mafia’s: offered as an option, just like breathing.

#51. Logic: it keeps lawyers and Supreme Court justices warm at night. That, plus the burning pitchforks in the front yard.

#50. The office whisperer: the horse whisperer’s evil twin.

#49. Nike’s slogan: Just do it! A lawyer’s slogan: Just claim you did it!

#48. Dinesh likes to save up his brownie points until they form a 7-layer chocolate cake.

#47. Dinesh’s motto: Dress for success. Or, barring that, dress to excess.

#46. Dinesh is planning a fondue night to embrace the firm’s “melting pot” ethos. Also, he really likes cheese.

#45. The legal system feels like a huge Rube Goldberg machine, combined with a failed Turing test candidate.

#44. Lawyers invented the idea of watching pots that never boil. It’s the ultimate billing opportunity.

#43. “Legal impossibility” defined: a happy lawyer.

#42. Kleptomania: 0. Friendship: 1.

#41. Tip 97: Charades is a good party game AND an excellent Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn mystery flick.

#40. National Leftovers Day 2009!

#39. Happy Thanksgiving 2009!

#38. Circumspection is the better part of discretion, which is the better part of family get-togethers.

#37. “Natural variations”: the only explanation for why Gap, Old Navy, Guess, Esprit, and Banana Republic can all be found in the same mall.

#36. Sky also thought that “Once Upon A Time In The West” would have a fairy-tale ending.

#35. Prop 8 might’ve had a different outcome if it had been called Prop 69.

#34. “Next time, I won’t bother getting married. I’ll just find a woman I dislike, buy her a house, and break half of my dishes.”

#33. And how come it’s called Friends when they all used to date each other? Shouldn’t it be called Exes?

#32. The three Xs stand for “eXceeds eXpectations of eXcellence.”

#31. But my name really is “A. Non Ymous!”

#30. Objection! My client is too culpable to answer that question!

#29. D.A.R.E. to say no to lawyers!

#28. TaterTot: the boost this economy needs.

#27. Evil is hereditary, but sometimes it skips a generation. Especially if that generation is locked up in a dungeon.

#26. TaterTot Sutton, on the other hand, has a dignified ring.

#25. A “cheater” is just someone in need of a better lawyer.

#24. Cats probably think of the beach as a huge litter box.

#23. Law students: in comparison, even chopped liver looks good.

#22. Détente, Sky-style.

#21. Gmail’s sobriety check: solve simple arithmetic problems to send e-mail. This eliminates both drunk e-mailing AND late-night correspondence between English majors.

#20. Happy Halloween 2009!

#19. Penultimate worst icebreaker: “You’re a lawyer, right?” (Ultimate worst: “Do you know how fast you were going?”)

#18. Kate prefers being called a pedestrian, not a “streetwalker.”

#17. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth getting tipped for doing it.

#16. “You don’t know how hard it is being a man looking at a woman looking the way you do.”

#15. Renata retired after realizing she had reached the, uh, climax of her career.

#14. Bailey also lost a pair of earrings in the men’s restroom at The Sky Bar, but she doesn’t want a replacement. Rhinestone dangles are so passé.

#13. You know what sharks hate about cage diving? The cage.

#12. When in Rome, read Machiavelli.

#11. How to structure a winning argument.

#10. Portrait of a Gibbons, Doom, & Cratchit partner: He golfs. He smokes cigars. He drinks red wine. He vacations in Hawaii!