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# 109. Gossip and legal reasoning: “It could be true” taken to hopeful conclusions.

# 108. I know a lawyer who carries a shredder in his trunk. Really.

#107. And Sydney’s innocence dodges another bullet.

#106. Kate used to date a guy in the Department of State…

#105. Money doesn’t have much to say, but it uses a megaphone to say it.

#104. Unfortunately, Dinesh doesn’t need money. The rich can be so tiresome.

#103. Extended metaphors go on and on and… hey, something shiny!

#102. Some electronics are suicidal, I swear.

#101. At least Kate didn’t charge for writing Sydney an e-mail.

#100. Kate is the best “worst best friend” a person could hope for.

#99. Gyms: hard work, hard bodies, and sweat. Hard work optional.

# 98. America: a big, gooey melting pot of things that don’t melt.

#97. Coitus interrup — Did I tell you what my friend is planning to do?

#96. We’re coming back — sharper and uselesser than ever.

#95. Kate’s legal tactics are applicable in real life, too: when all else fails, stall.

#94. Getting laid — apparently, the latest casualty of the Robot-Dinosaur wars…

#93. Nine out of ten people will lie to you because it’s convenient. The last guy will do it because it’s fun.

#92. Perhaps she’s thinking along the lines of a truck stop?

#91. Hey, a kitty can dream…

#90. Dating Kate is like getting civil rights — patience is required.

#89. Welcome back, Sharp & Useless!

#88. Happy Valentine’s Day 2010!

#86. Bryan loves the sinner, hates the sin. He especially loves it when sin is wrapped in a hot pink, low cut bustier.

#86. Kate has a good heart. No morality, but enough of a heart that she hates to see kittens squashed.

#85. Kate thinks she should save everyone some time —  if she breaks it off early, no one’s invested yet.

#84. Kate’s struck gold: A guy who not only listens, but  also  remembers! A mixed blessing when telling white lies…

#83. The difference between dating and law: it’s only legal to charge by the hour for one of them.

#82. Per Kate’s Mom: “A corporate lawyer is one step below a criminal.  Thugs didn’t have choices. Also, suits make you look heavy, dear.”

#81. Dating a lawyer is like a backhanded compliment. On the one hand, someone likes you! On the other hand, that “someone” is a lawyer.

#80. Happy Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day 2010!

#79. Not to mention, they use more hair product than I do. And kiss like fish.

#78. All lawsuits derive from the same genus: disappointment over how far reality veers from one’s expectations.

#77. Warwick psychic prediction: you’ll never fall in love again; instead, you’ll walk on by to Alfie’s house in San Jose to say a little prayer (because that’s what friends are for).

#76. A lawsuit divides people into two groups: interested and disinterested. The difference becomes manifest at midnight on Saturday, when you’re still in the office.

#75. Classic lawyer move: citing arbitrary factual differences in order to arrive at a predetermined, illogical conclusion.

#74. Sam’s Owner thinks “we met in a bar” is classier than “we met after my psychic  cat foretold that we would have a romantic relationship .” Also, shorter.

#73. Lawyers often employ a multiplier. Thus, meetings are billed at twice the length when they’re twice as annoying.

#72. Accreditation is for wusses. I want a dean who can bodyslam the other deans. Or, barring that, a dean so famous that paparazzi chase him as he drives through Europe!

#71. Perfection can be so embarrassing.

#70. When I see LSAT prep books in stores, I desperately want to write “DON’T DO IT!!” on the cover. But I’m too law-abiding to deface private property.

#69. What do you get when you cross lawyers and cougars? A lot of lawsuits against juvenile defendants.

#68. Imagine the legal fees the Suttons would save, if they could fire GDC and keep it “in the family” instead!

#67. Monster and eHarmony should join forces, helping people mate for life with the perfect business partner.

#66. The real reason behind anonymous altruism: to avoid the dangers of gratitude.

#65. Happy New Year 2010!

#64. Writing a love letter is hard work. There’s a lot of buildup before “I love you.” Otherwise, it would just be a love Post-It note.

#63. Ness and Sassy, sitting in a tree, committing v-i-o-l-e-n-c-e.

#62. Lawyers: pedantic, unrealistic, and out of touch.  Which can be a useful distraction during a crisis situation!

#61. Flail’s monsters aren’t cannibals. They’re the après-ski crowd: well-dressed, vicious dilettantes.

#60. Happy Holidays from Sharp & Useless!