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Her mother always wanted her to be a lawyer. Her father just wants her to be happy. As is often the case in family arguments, her mother won.

Miche attended an Ivy League law school. It was a marriage of convenience. The law school wanted Miche’s academic statistics and tuition dollars. Miche wanted a sheepskin diploma with a gold seal.

The three things Miche enjoyed most about law school: meeting Panino, wireless Internet, and the attractive red and blue covers of her textbooks. The worst thing about law school: other law students.

After graduation, Miche exhibited a marked willingness to compromise her values in exchange for comfort. To wit, she accepted gainful employment with a corporate law firm. She works at a desk and sleeps in a bed almost every day.

She also writes the content for Sharp & Useless, a comic that is loosely based on fiction and not at all based on reality.


He fell into law school in the same way he falls into most things: naive, oblivious, and distracted by something shiny.

Panino chose to attend an Ivy League law school under the mistaken belief that he would learn something while there. Within the first month, he discovered that law school and learning are almost mutually exclusive.

The three things Panino enjoyed most about law school: meeting Miche, IMing on his laptop during class, and traveling. The worst thing about law school: the Career Services Office.

After graduation, Panino reluctantly agreed to toil in a law firm that had a penchant for bad fashion sense and “scorched earth” litigation. He eventually declined the invitation to continue his labors. He now gleefully recommends that everyone abandon the legal profession — especially those who have yet to start law school.

He  reconfigures his cell phone and watches several movies every week. He also draws the art for Sharp & Useless using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet, Adobe Illustrator, and both hands.

Sharp & Useless.

Sharp and Useless is a webcomic strip. It is updated every Monday and Thursday, at the mercy of mean bosses, meteorites, and misadventures in Mexico. It catalogs the life of Kate, Sky, and their assorted friends. Kate is a seventh year associate in a large, soulless law firm. Sky is an independent graphic designer and couch surfer with a medical marijuana card. The two friends were both born and reared in Lemon County, which bears a striking resemblance to Orange County, California, but has a totally different name. They live in Bristol Beach, in Kate’s notably neat apartment. (A housecleaning service comes weekly.)