#100. Kate is the best “worst best friend” a person could hope for.

What people said:

  1. Sharp and Useless

    I have gone to probably a hundred-plus away depositions. They are never, never, never in Paris or Hawaii. If they were, the partners would find a reason to be the ones to go.

    One of our friends keeps kosher. When he was sent to BFE, they had to send frozen kosher food with him because they knew he’d starve otherwise. Gotta love all the free “travel” opportunities law provides.

  2. Kyle M.

    Great that the comic is going again, really glad it is! hope S&U can keep going strong again :D

  3. Kyle M.

    Oh yeah, Happy 100th!

  4. Sharp and Useless

    Kyle! You’re about to be immortalized on S&U. You’re going to save the day in Dinesh’s storyline. Probably will be resolved in ~ 15 strips or so. A small thank you for your great e-mails and comments. :-)

    P.S. I’m betting we’re the only webcomic whose 100th strip was drawn in the food court of the Venetian casino.

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