…I’ll spare you the details, but sporks are produced the result. Which is why you should always keep your utensils in separate, individual, plastic baggies!

And in comic-related news, we’re on the kind of schedule that we can keep…which is currently no schedule at all. We dropped everything when Nino’s dad was sick and we’ve been 100% family-focused after he passed away.

The good news is that our respective jobs are moving forward, which keeps the roof over our heads, which keeps the Wacom tablet safe from harm. And thus, comic strips will still come out sporadically.

BTW, Sydney hasn’t kicked her kleptomania completely. We just didn’t think it was fair for her to regress during our hiatus. Kleptomania + Sydney’s brand new retail venture = trouble! More explanation to come.

Posted on 9-16-2010

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