Both of us are working on imminent motions for summary judgment. This is what it’s like in a household with two lawyers banging away at MSJs:

Nino: ARRRRRRRGH! No docs from the client to support this. None. I hate him.

Miche: Shhh. Hush. It’s okay. You’ll find something.

Miche: ARRRRRGH! I can’t get a declaration to vouch for this. There goes my legal support. We’re toast.

Nino: Hey, hey. Relax. You’ll figure it out.

Nino & Miche, in unison: ARRRRGH! If Windows Update tries to restart one more time, I’m going fly to Seattle and beat Bill Gates into a bloody pulp!

Yeah, it’s fun times here. We’re keepin’ it real — real stressful, that is.

Posted on 8-4-2010

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