…Um, I mean, era. Whatever. :-)

News! First, our web-guru has created some guru-iffic things. We will install those things this week and then tell you how they work. Unless, of course, we blow up in the process. In which case, please tell our mamas we thought of them at the end.

Second, we are tinkering with an iPhone app. Even though we’re both diehard G1 fans. It has to do with the wonderfulness of James Harknell and Co. More info to follow, once we finalize our features.

Third, the big big case that I’ve been toiling away on is coming close to resolution. You’ll see more of me, and the web will see more of Sharp and Useless, as I surface for air.

Fourth, we have discovered homemade ice cream. Correspondingly, we strongly recommend David Lebovitz’s book, The Perfect Scoop.

Fifth, please send questions to TaterTot at [email protected] … he’s going to do a Q&A strip this month, as part of an annual tradition.

Posted on 1-11-2010

Free speech! (Except spammers, trolls, and that one guy...)