#70. When I see LSAT prep books in stores, I desperately want to write “DON’T DO IT!!” on the cover. But I’m too law-abiding to deface private property.

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  1. Sharp and Useless

    As mentioned in the “Q&A” portion of the website, Sydney’s eyes and hair change color to match her clothes. Kudos to great contact lenses and a Venice hair salon. They megacondition Syd’s hair, so that it’s not frizzy or dry despite Sydney’s fickle fashion sense.

    TaterTot has that angel halo in his back pocket, for occasions just like this.

    I dunno about bone-deep hatred, but there’s a particular lawyer I find myself still remembering with disdain and antipathy, years after we stopped interacting. Lawyers are like siblings in that way — they seem to know exactly what buttons to push.

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