#69. What do you get when you cross lawyers and cougars? A lot of lawsuits against juvenile defendants.

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  1. Sharp and Useless

    I missed the Girl Scout cookies last year. I’ll hafta make up for it by buying twice as much this year. Forward me the name of your panhandling female progeny, if they’re in the SoCal area and need to offload a few (dozen) boxes.

    Sydney would be a formidable cougar. Fortunately for the rest of the prowling population, she’s too young and bouncy for the role.

    The “no next flight” description? I’m going to print that on the back of my business cards someday.

    The swimming pool is fed by the waterfall. The water is slightly warmer than usual; it’s TaterTot’s preference. There are temp control gauges behind the waterfall.

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