#67. Monster and eHarmony should join forces, helping people mate for life with the perfect business partner.

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  1. Sharp and Useless

    Sydney’s swimming pool is private, even though her condo is part of a building with other tenants. Her parents converted one of the first floor conference rooms into an indoor pool. They didn’t want to deal with the paparazzi photos that often swirl around a pretty heiress.

    This is Sydney’s LA condo, BTW. She sold her Bristol Beach condo for a rickety, overpriced beach pad on Bulbous Peninsula. We probably won’t see the beach place for awhile; Sky likes to meet Sydney at her LA condo, because it’s a relatively short drive from the Valley to downtown LA. Makes for a nice pit stop, until traffic dies down and he can finish his commute all the way back to Lemon County.

    For the record, NOTHING is more memorable than Sky’s psychedelic fingerpainting of garden gnomes eating pea soup. It’s a masterpiece of…memorability.

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