#61. Flail’s monsters aren’t cannibals. They’re the après-ski crowd: well-dressed, vicious dilettantes.

What people said:

  1. Sharp and Useless

    I live in perpetual terror that I’ll someday be caught in a mountain cabin, or a small town, without power. I’m convinced that I’m surrounded by amoral cannibals. I blame The Twilight Zone for my fervent fear.

    On another note, my blood probably IS tainted with delicious evil. Which would probably be a good T-shirt design, come to think of it. Donate platelets, and deliciously evil blood.

    Finally, has anyone else noticed how DARK it is in a room when the power is out? Much darker than a room with the lights turned off. Light flickers from electronic devices, and filters in from the window. In a power outage, though, nothin’ is happening. And it’s kind of really scary. *empathizes with Sky*

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