This beautiful Friday is absolutely hampered by various legal concerns. Hmf.

I would complain more, but I feel guilty when the court reporter isn’t complaining.

And why is that? Every court reporter I’ve ever met has had a sense of humor, an inextinguishable supply of patience, and an excellent memory. Why would court reporters be nice people, surrounded as they are by contentious lawyers and never-ending depositions? It’s probably a Stepford kind of thing; they’re well-trained robots.

Posted on 11-20-2009

What people said:

  1. Todd Olivas

    I’m glad your experience with court reporters has been enjoyable. The Stepford/robot thing is probably more a deep concentration of being in the zone while writing steno. I’m a reporter and can be getting every word even while sort of being on autopilot. I probably looked robotic during those moments as well. Ha ha .

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