Google Analytics tells us how many people are looking at our site and where those visitors live. We try not to check every day — after all, we’re a fledgling site and we should be spending time on content! The readership issue can be addressed later. But we indulge now and again. Every time we do, Panino clicks on the map and marvels that people from faraway cities and countries are reading our comic.

There’s a Kim Wilde song I like called “Kids In America.” Exhibiting an adorable grasp of geography, Ms. Wilde trills that all the kids in America, from New York to East California, are living for the music-go-round.

Nino and I are living for the comic-go-round. Thank you to all the kids from New York to East California, and outside of the United States, for peeping your eyes at our site. :-) Please pass along the message and the URL. Eventually, we hope to have a presence in west California, too. :-p

Posted on 11-17-2009

What people said:

  1. Sharp and Useless

    Nino wants everyone to know that French Internet 80′s radio stations play a remix of “Kids in America” which is not nearly as good as the original. Just so you know.

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