We need a better system for indicating that the Q & A page has been updated. Maybe one of those FLASHING THINGS! “Update! Update! Update!” And a klaxon alarm.

No, really. We want to organize the Q & A page to sort the questions by topic, and have some automated process that publishes a one-line update on the blog concerning site maintenance. This is also applicable for when we set up a store and start to update with various merchandise.

*puts it on the list of webby stuff to do*

*notices that the list of webby stuff to do is getting longer and longer*

Posted on 11-17-2009

What people said:

  1. Sharp and Useless

    We’re been e-mailing and setting up meetings with webbed people to talk about webby stuff. It’s harder to find a webbed person than you would think. It’s too bad I’m a lawyer and not, say, Wonder Web Woman.

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